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Top wedding style trends for 2024/25

Calling all trendsetting lovebirds! Your wedding day is a chance to express your unique style and create a celebration that reflects your love story. But with so many gorgeous options out there, where do you even begin? We’ve got you covered with the hottest wedding style trends for the upcoming season:

  • Natural Elegance: Embrace the beauty of nature with organic textures, earthy tones, and lush greenery. Think pampas grass arrangements, woven wicker furniture, and pops of sage green or terracotta. 
  • Intimate & Luxurious: Create a luxe, yet cosy atmosphere for your closest loved ones. Think velvet tablecloths, statement chandeliers, and intimate ceremony settings adorned with fairy lights. 
  • Statement Lighting: Lighting sets the mood for your entire celebration. This year, it’s all about making a statement. Think cascading string lights, oversized lanterns, or elegant neon signs with your initials. 
  • Sustainable Chic: Eco-conscious couples are in luck! Sustainable choices are becoming not only trendy but essential. Opt for locally sourced flowers, recycled materials in décor, and consider planting trees to offset your carbon footprint. 
  • Personalised Touches: This trend never goes out of style! Incorporate personal touches that reflect your love story. Think custom welcome signs with your love story, childhood photos displayed around the venue, or signature cocktails named after your nicknames. 

Remember, these are just a starting point! The beauty of trends is the ability to adapt them to your own unique style. Let Thornton Events help you curate a wedding that’s both trendy and timeless.