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Everything You Need to Know Before Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Venue

Congratulations on your engagement! At Thornton Events, we’re passionate about assisting couples with tips on wedding planning. Let’s start with one of the most crucial decisions in the process: finding the ideal venue for your big day. It’s a decision that ranks among the top priorities in wedding planning, right alongside selecting a venue stylist. But Luckily, Thornton Events has recently been awarded the best venue stylist in the North West at The Wedding Industry Awards so thats an easy choice.

Before you sign any contracts, take a moment to consider these essential tips:

Check the Capacity

Before committing to a venue, check its capacity against your guest list. Avoid the discomfort of realising later that the space is too small. Ask for pictures showcasing similar guest numbers to understand how the venue accommodates different group sizes.

Decide on Location

Consider accessibility and convenience for your guests. Does the venue offer on-site or nearby accommodation? Adequate parking and proximity to public transport are essential factors to evaluate. For guests arriving from afar, knowing the closest airport is crucial. Additionally, factor in travel time, especially for evening-only guests.

Decide on Your Wedding Style

Ensure the venue aligns with your envisioned wedding style. Whether you’re aiming for a glamorous, modern, or outdoor-themed wedding, choose a venue that complements your vision. Remember, the venue can significantly influence other decisions like attire and overall styling.

Set a Clear Budget

Determine your budget early on to narrow down venue options that fit within your financial plan. Consider exploring weekday or off-peak season bookings for potential cost savings. Don’t hesitate to enquire about any ongoing deals or packages offered by the venues you’re interested in.

Check Availability

Having a few date options in mind increases your chances of securing your dream venue. Consider consulting close friends and family regarding their availability to help finalise a date that works best for everyone.

Review Catering Options

Confirm whether the venue offers in-house catering or permits external vendors. Ensure they can accommodate dietary requirements and understand their policies on drinks, corkage, and bar options, especially if you’re planning a free bar.

Overnight Accommodation

If overnight accommodation is a priority, explore the options available on-site or nearby. In cases where the venue doesn’t offer sufficient space, consider partnering with local hotels to secure a special offer price for your guests.

Entertainment Choices

Check if the venue allows your preferred entertainment options, whether it’s a firework display, live band, or specific dance floor requirements. Ensure your chosen entertainment aligns with the venue’s policies.

Enquire About the Fine Print

Understand the inclusions and restrictions within the wedding packages offered by the venue. While they may suggest preferred suppliers, it’s essential to research and vet these options to ensure they align with your preferences, as you don’t have to go with the ones they suggest.

Lastly, enjoy exploring different venues, and see below and stay tuned for our upcoming suggestions on specific venues. Happy planning!

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